Frequently Asked Questions

What is Abel ERP?

Abel ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is a solution that will link all of the departments within your company to communicate in a uniformed manner. Abel Solutions have the expertise to implement the system as to create the capacity to benefit your company enormously, from dealing with your financial management to improving customer relations and thus improving productivity and profit.

Is the choice of ERP System important?

Different products do have different strengths and weaknesses, however if the ERP System is implemented correctly and with your specific business and goals in mind then it will be transformational to your business. Abel Solutions have the understanding and experience to ensure your organization extracts the most potential from its technical infrastructure.

How will Abel ERP benefit my company?

  • All of your workforce will be working on one integrated customized system
  • Improved efficiency for your business
  • Reduction in paperwork
  • Easy to manage customer relations, leading to customer satisfaction and more profit
  • Improved financial management
  • Fast access to information across all departments
  • Streamlined work flow
  • Reduces money that is tied up in stock/works in progress

Will I need a consultant?

Yes, Abel Solutions expert consultants will start by studying your business and identifying your needs. Then you can have the software written for you or stock software adapted and customized for your needs. Due to the complexity of the issues surrounding Enterprise Resource Planning software it is recommended you consult professionals - if implemented incorrectly it will not have the desired effect for your company.

Is it suitable for small businesses?

Abel ERP is a cost effective solution for small businesses and can also be geared towards medium sized and larger business. Abel ERP gives you the flexibility to grow without technical constraints.

Does it have a downside?

Yes, it is imperative that all the users that have access to it are properly trained and use it efficiently. An ERP System only works successfully when the information you put in is correct. It is up to your organization to invest in the potential Abel ERP can create.

Is Abel ERP easy to use?

Training is always recommended for those who are going to use Abel ERP, but  yes, it is generally easy to use.

Is Abel ERP challenging to implement?

The simple answer is yes it can be, change can be challenging. However the benefits that implementing Abel ERP will bring to your company will far outweigh this initial challenge. Abel Solutions specialize in ensuring that you do achieve the desired benefits for your organization.