Abel Sales

Develop and maintain a customer focus through easily and accurately processing sales orders in real-time. The workflow within Abel ERP means that data only needs to be entered once into the system reducing waste and improving efficiency.The simplicity and ease of use creates a culture where sales staff can focus on the customer rather than on administration.

Customer Service Visibility

Abel allows the customer service team full customer histories at the click of a button. Clients orders can be referenced against stock in real time. Out of stock orders can be integrated into production schedules immediately allowing clients to know when items will be delivered. Abel ERP allows your organization to feel confident about committing to delivery dates because it gives you visibility of your entire supply chain within one simple seamless fully integrated view.

Allow your customers to place orders in the most efficient way for them

Prompt your regular customers to turn frequent orders into ‘period orders’ to help reduce the incidence of lost sales due to items being unavailable. This saves everyone time by generating automatic frequent and repeat orders in seconds. Since the Inventory and Accounts Receivable modules are also highly integrated in a ‘live’ environment, everything that happens is updated instantly. This prevents sales orders from being processed for customers with overdue accounts – you’re in complete control.

Communicate and Build Stronger Relationships

Abel ERP allows you to progress of every item in their order at any time during the sales and distribution process. Issues can be highlighted allowing customer services to proactively communicate with customers. Abel allows you to have answers when the phone rings but even more importantly it tell you when you need to pick up the phone. The visibility of the system allows your organisation to communicate more effectively building better client relationships.

Integrate the customer with the supply chain

Bring together your supplier information with your manufacturing and distribution information so that clients have better information and the sales team can stand behind and feel confident that your organisation will meet its customer request dates. The CRM is fully integrated with communication histories and with manufacturing information. This means that if a production scheduler, or a procurement manager highlights an issue it can immediately flag an external manager on their CRM. This end to end communication means that your sales team and using up to date information meaning better news for clients.