Optimize production and manufacturing

Abel Production Workflow Management delivers inbuilt scheduling and can flexibly incorporate your own business processes to enable you to cost-effectively track performance, give faster and more accurate quotes and better plan for future labor and capacity requirements. Manufacturing and production processes may vary widely but all businesses share the same need to know where each process is at and whether it is making or losing them money.

Drawing on our experience from working with over 200 manufacturing and production businesses, Abel’s ERP makes tracking complex workflows simple. It includes a full suite of Production Scheduling, Capacity Planning, Bill of Materials (BOM), Manufacturing and Plant Orders, Product Costing and Stock and Inventory Management functionality. For ease of planning, all sub-assemblies of task and supply chain management can be graphically exploded into a single view. All phases of work are captured and costed-in so you can match resource against demand and assess performance against deadlines and profitability.