General Ledger

Accounts Payable

The best accountants can focus on achieving the strategic objectives of an organization not getting stuck searching to make sense of numbers – Abel ERPs real-time General Ledger is the bedrock of organizations financial information The Abel General Ledger is able to process very large transaction volumes without hesitation. This is combined with an automatic transaction integrity checking and multiple company/branch handling capability. Automatic transaction posting is provided ensuring that manual postings and journal entries are accurate which reduces posting workload and errors.

Cash Management

The liquidity and the nature of a company’s cash situation is critical to knowing how well organizations operations are being managed. With Abel ERP knowing the amount of cash on hand from moment to moment is as simple as clicking a button regardless of how complex and large your organizational structure. With Abel ERP you can have numerous bank accounts that can transact in and local/ foreign currency and be immediately reflected within the system as converted rates to the systems base currency.

Accounts Payable

Cost Control

Abel Accounts Payable provides you with the means to maintain better relationships within your supply chain and to maximize the efficient use of your cash reserves. Abel Accounts Payable provides many automatic features to streamline the creditor management process. Abel Accounts Payable is fully integrated in the Abel system. It has seamless links to the General Ledger, Purchasing and Customer Management, as well as other Abel functionality.

Accounts Receivable

Abel Accounts Receivable is designed to help you manage those critical debtor relationships and cash flows. Abel Accounts Receivable is fully integrated in the Abel system. It has seamless links to the General Ledger, Sales Order Processing and Customer Management, as well as other Abel functionality.

Fixed Assets

Abel Fixed Assets provides for effective management and accounting for your fixed assets. Abel Fixed Assets takes the complexity out of managing fixed assets. All transactions within Abel Fixed Assets are automatically registered in the General Ledger. Depreciation is automatically calculated a year in advance, and any adjustments for depreciation are accounted for automatically, so that the true value of assets is always known and correctly shown in the balance sheet.

Consolidations and Translations

Installed within Abel’s integrated ERP system, Abel Multi Company Accounting is, we believe, unique in being specifically developed to serve companies regardless of how complex their structure is. Simply by selecting the reporting mode required, you can use Abel Multi Company Accounting to get a full up-to-date snapshot of all reporting information, broken down by country, currency or business activity. It provides for full foreign currency handling and reporting, tax sector capability and can be translatable into different end-user languages.

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