Distribution and Supply

Winning new customers is always important. But making sure you can meet deadlines, have stock on hand and accurately track a myriad of other details prior to posting an accurate and timely invoice all matter just as much.  Indeed, just by simplifying the whole process of tracking every item in these processes some of our larger clients have told us Abel has added 10% to their bottom line.

Definitions of what is considered as distribution vary widely, depending on each organization’s needs. In developing our software we have tended to follow the approach of the American Production Information Control Systems (APICS) who define it as all activities involved in moving materials from the supplier to the customer. This includes procurement transportation, warehousing, inventory control, material handling, order administration, site and location analysis, industrial packaging, and running the communications network needed for effective management.

As with all Abel functionality, the Abel distribution and supply component is included as part of our ERP platform. From procurement through to dispatch, it provides a safe, simple and transparent document chain. It handles large numbers of inventory items and includes serial numbers, batch tracking and auto-generation of documents when required. And it will happily combine the complexities of multiple warehouses, inter-company trading and even shipping management operations in one easy to use, real-time process. Our Distribution software tracks every step of the process from both the supplier and customer sides.

All the documents described below leave a source trail, from quote to order, to dispatch and invoice, and any variations along the path such as multiple dispatches and returns. This means that from any document within the sequence, all related documents can be easily viewed and navigated to with a simple double click. This feature within Abel ensures that customer requirements are met and invoices not forgotten. The end result is that customers become more satisfied, revenue rises and profits within the business increase.