Powerful and Effective ERP Functionality

Full Integration

Integration is a primary reason for implementing enterprise management systems. it may be difficult to capture these benefits due to the use of incompatible software, inflexible systems, complex interfacing and the time taken to solve these difficulties in a dynamic business environment . Abel’s functionality is seamlessly integrated right out of the box, sharing a single mainframe-secure database and configured and co-ordinated using Abel’s Application Engine from a single point.

Fully optioned from the outset

All Abel’s functionality, from Order Processing to Inventory Management to Financial Accounting, is available right from the start. You decide what functionality you require through a scoping process and then “switch” Abel’s functionality “on or off” to build the fully integrated system that meets your needs.

Multinational integration

Abel has complete multiple company, multiple currency and multiple tax capability, enabling multi-branch, multi-site and multinational companies to integrate their operations within the one Abel system.

Low upfront costs

Because of the way Abel is installed and implemented, we have been able to significantly reduce the cripplingly high up-front capital costs associated with installing and implementing many large business systems. To further reduce upfront costs, we have introduced a month-by-month license, priced by the number of concurrent users, which introduces flexible, long-run operational efficiency and economy.

Flexible licensing

The month-by-month license gives you real operational flexibility as to how you can deploy your Abel system. Adding users to your system is simply a matter of adding extra users to your license.

The obsolescence of obsolescence

Included within the licence charges is the provision for upgrades and new versions of Abel for as long as you hold a valid license*. In the face of changing technology and techniques, your Abel system will remain state-of-the-art while others are rendered obsolete.(*labor charges apply)

Drill-down to the source

All Abel documents give you the ability to drill down to its source in a mouse click. You can drill backwards and forwards through a document’s workflow process, as well as up and down, to find the document or line source details without leaving the original document.

Screens that Look Like Documents

For most business systems, regardless of the platform used to operate them, screens tend to look like grey “control panels”. Fields and buttons appear to be almost “splashed” around the screen, with little thought to the user experience. With often little resemblance to how we read and write on paper these “control panels” do not offer the easy scanning and navigational ease of use that paper-based documents afford.

Interactive Fields

Most colored fields on Abel screens are interactive. This means that users can use the mouse to open lists, windows and new screens from these fields. Interactive fields remove the need to leave the screen you are looking at to find relevant screens and windows by tracing back through menus. This way, interactive fields can accelerate significantly the population of screens and the finding of screen-relevant information.

Cross-function commonality

Abel screens have similar formats, allowing you to apply the same navigation and document-building processes to all types of Abel screens, regardless of which function you are using. This can save on training and implementation time by aiding in getting users familiarized faster and allowing staff to more easily use the Abel system while rotating around different functional and departmental divisions.