Abel Software began developing their ERP system in 1996 with one single-minded objective: to provide medium-sized companies with serious ERP functionality without the associated complexity, cost and maintenance burdens of systems developed for very large organizations.

To meet the business sector’s needs, the Abel software has been designed from the ground up to be highly flexible. This fully integrated system – linking financial, manufacturing and production, distribution, inventory, customer and supplier management systems – also uniquely allows you to “light up” only the functionalities you actually need to use. This saves costs and allows for inbuilt easy scalability, enabling you to progressively switch on new functionality as your business grows without facing further installation headaches and costs.

Abel has established a prized reputation for simplicity of use and reliability. It is designed to be run by your staff, not by external IT support teams. As the needs of our customers continue to change, we are committed to continually bringing out new features to meet these needs of a constantly changing commercial world.

We provide highly competitive one-time or monthly licensing options that save you from the big upfront fees charged by other system suppliers. Full support and training is provided by Abel Solutions. Because our system is user-friendly and intuitive you can expect your staff to quickly find their way around Abel without requiring intensive training time.

We are aggressively pursuing our goal to build an outstanding team, a high quality service and a sustainable business model achieving superior and sustainable financial results. That's our vision of the future - the vision we're aggressively pursuing as we work to build a global  technology company.

Core Values + Culture:

Our values and culture are critical elements of our past and future success.

Work Hard and Be Good

• Associates are our most valued assets.
• We're passionate about retaining, developing and recruiting the best talent available.

Abel Solutions and its Customers win because:

• We are team-oriented with involvement by all.
• We seek fact-based, root cause solutions; not blame.
• We are accountable for results, and we deliver.
• We are non-political and not bureaucratic.
• We have high integrity and respect for others.
• Winning is fun!

Customers Talk, We Listen

• Quality First, ALWAYS!
• We base our strategic plan on the Voice-of-the-Customer.
• Robust, repeatable processes yield superior Quality, Delivery, and Cost that satisfy our customers beyond their expectations.
Continuous Improvement is Our Way of Life
• We aggressively and continuously eliminate waste in every facet of our business processes.

Building Better Solutions is our future

• We continuously apply our creativity to the technologies of products, services, and processes.
• Out-of-the box ideas, both large and small, add value to our enterprise.
• We accomplish "breakthroughs" through the Policy Deployment process.


Our commitment to integrity and our reputation is the foundation for Abel Solutions success. Acting with integrity is a necessary foundation for personal success and for Abel Solutions collective success. Building and sustaining a strong culture of integrity and compliance is critically important to building a premier global enterprise. We are committed to building our enterprise with integrity, and we have a reputation for dealing honestly and fairly with our investors, business partners, customers, associates and competitors.

What we do…

Abel Solutions specializes in the design, development and integration of business knowledge, information technology and creativity. Abel Solutions provides information technology solutions across New Zealand and the world based exclusively on Abel ERP. Our  staff work with organizations to improve productivity, empower staff, and streamline and automate business processes, delivering comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes, in all industries.

Business Solutions

Offering you integrated solutions right across your business.

Expert Advice

We have the people in place to understand and translate your needs, making sure the technology fits.

Outstanding Execution and Delivery

You need to know the systems are in place to deliver the best possible solution.